vrijdag 22 november 2013

to travel = to play


travelling = freedom! 
no daily routines, work, must do’s and gigantic to do lists..

aaaand time for playing games!

my new fav travel game is phase 10. THA BOMB!! 
I love it so much I actually started playing it at home too ;) 
no family event without phase 10 is my new motto! 
after being a bit lost in Bangkok last January, we decided to chill out with a drink and a friend suggested we'd play a simple card game. 
We were all hooked on it and played every time we got the chance. After dinner? You play a phase! Waiting for a boat? One phase please! Last night together? We HAD to finish our last game before saying goodbye!! 

Anyway, it’s a good (travel)game because: it doesn’t take up too much backpack-space (you can take it ANYWHERE! And you should!), it’s easy to explain so you can play with whoever you meet along the way (when you’re tired of: where are you from? where have you been? where are you going?: Just play!), you can play in phases or just pull an allnighter! Each player has to finish 10 phases and you can only go to the next phase when you successfully played the last one. I’ve got my own set of cards now, thanks flaber!! and we are taking the game to the next level now ;) (ow yes, there's a phase 10-cup and a phase 10-score-bag. don't judge until you play it.) 

my old fav travel game was ‘wie is het’ (who is it). Just have a friend (or a stranger!) stick a piece of paper tape on your face with a word on it, do the same to him/her and take turns asking yes/no questions to find out who (or what!) you are.. Also great when travelling light (all you need is a pen, tape and your imagination) and a good ice breaker! Locals are drawn to it as well and either give you weird looks or start playing along. when playing in an international company we transform the name into ‘famous heads’ or ‘cabeza famosa’ (depending on the crowd :p). 

waiting for... (1)exotic food (2)sunset on top of the world (3) a tropical rainshower to stop (4) the key to our appartment (which is no so bad if you can wait on a gorgeous beach)
another good travel game is werewolf! I don’t really know the rules, but you can find them here! i just played along with a bunch of people who had a great imagination! 

So, if you’re travelling with friends or alone, playing some games along the way is a great way of a passing time, getting to know people, avoiding stupid conversations, blending in, creating sweet memories, … take it from me!

6 opmerkingen:

Lief actually ... zei

Aaaaah, the 'wie is het' pics are HI.LA.RI.OUSSS!!

I'm ready for a new phase btw :-) One more before you leave for Colombia? :-)

Lucie zei

Great idea Lief! Kelly, another challenge for you to get this done before you leave!

inge driesen zei

Ik moet zò hard op een keer toch eens met u op reis gaan, precies! :-)

Elisse zei

Weerwolfje!!! Zo'n tof spel. Wie ben ik is ook geweldig. Wij spelen op de chiro ook dikwijls 'het grote namenspel' (de echte naam ontsnapt mij efkes, maar ik kom er nog op terug, beloofd!)

Lief actually ... zei

Inge, Kel, ik ga mee!! :-D

kelly zei

inge en lief, da is idd nen aanrader! bolivië, argentinië, marokko en india staan nog HOOG op mijn lijsje*. ik zeg het maar!
lus en lief: morgenavond phase 10en?

*(da lijsje is onderhevig aan verandering!)