zondag 24 maart 2013

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hellow darling readers!!
i've been a bit absent - oops..
i wrote my last message more then a month ago, when i was in sunny & HOT cambodia. i came home a few days later, wearing flipflops and couldn't believe it was stíll snowing in amsterdam :s (i put on stripy socks before i went outside and looked absolutely ridiculous)

here we are now, and there's still snow, who could have guessed..
i came back to loads of work (day-job & evening school), but made the deadline this Friday and now i finally feel free again!

ANYWAY, no travel report as i was only there for a few days, the right amount of time to see the gorgeousness of the angkor wat temple complex. 

i'll stick to some tips & pics:

*if you're coming from bangkok, don't book a tour on khao san road, take the train! follow these guidelines (Bangkok ► Siem Reap - Angkor), they're perfect. you'll need 20 dollars for your visa + 100 baht to speed things up (or you can fight the corruption of course!) !!when you get to step 4: share a taxi! little extra costs, way less frustrating. (the bus to siem reap takes ages, makes stupid stops and won't drop you off in the centre, trust me)
*everything in siem reap costs 1 dollar, slightly exaggerated at times. you can easily turn "cold drink - 1 dollar" into "no no, two drinks - one dollar" 
*3 days @ angkor is more fun than just one day (take a break in between if you have the time, 3-day-ticket is valid for 1 week). and rent a bike instead of a tuktuk (bike = 1 day - 1 dollar). take control and ride your bicycle between the famous but busy temples (bayon, angkor wat, 'tombraider' temple) and the quiet small unknown pearls.
*whatever you do, don't go to the floating village on your break-day, no matter what lonely planet says. the prices are outdated and it's way too expensive now!
*this is a great hotel, cheap & very clean. 5 dollars a night for an 'old' room, 10 dollars a night for a renovated room.. 
*don't, i repeat DON'T take the nightbus back to bangkok! 
things go wrong aaaall the time, and the road to bkk will seem neverending.. the train is so much more fun & more reliable.
*get up at 4 to see the sunrise @ angkor wat temple. and don't leave to soon, wait 'till you see that big and beautiful fireball! it's so worth it!
*bloom in siem reap is a top-shop!
*meer lezen? kris10 vertrekt binnenkort weer naar daar, dus op naar daar voor cambodja-nieuws!
*thanks for the tipjes Flaber!!