donderdag 24 januari 2013

a homemade gift..

is a LATE gift :)

a bday in august means a finished project by the end of the year :p


 a reversible bag (well um, almost reversible.. made a teeny tiny mistake)
all recycled materials: old curtain (rommelmarkt!), fabric and button (kringloop!)

lucie was also the lucky recipient of the necklaces me and my twinnie made!

all pics by miss lucie herself. as i am a lazy and lastminute giftmaker.
yup, miss J said it before: my presents come with sneaky little tasks :p

are you also in for a unexpected surprise? sign in here!

3 opmerkingen:

Lucie zei

Zo'n laat cadeautje is eigenlijk veel leuker want dat komt op een totaal onverwacht moment! I LIKE!!!

En ben er nog steeds heel blij mee en al veel complimentjes gehad!

Mercikes nog is he!

Elisse zei

Oooh wat een toffe sjakos! Mooi stofke :)

Mari zei

The bag looks amazing! :)